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My Story

Umbala is where it all started and has been the inspiration for this journey. The word Umbala, meaning colour in the Zulu language.

My name is Ricky and I am the founder of Umbala, which was created at the beginning 2015. In the early days I had the drive and vision to initiate up my own business and it starting off in a very different industry of importing art & craft from my homeland in South Africa. My mother visited from Johannesburg and gave me a gift. It was a beaded giraffe above waist height and I immediately fell in love with it. This sparked an idea to bring these items to Australia and to share part of my upbringing with this country. These items would also be providing a valuable income to small family run businesses in South Africa and so the journey began.

Initially these arts were being sold in market places across Sydney and being based on the Central Coast I found it challenging to find a suitable location on the coast to share these crafts. This is when I received inspiration to start up a market at Umina Beach. Walking through the precinct at Umina, I could not help but envision a thriving market.

In the next few months I researched everything on general markets and put in the hours to create a new vibrant market on the Central Coast. Umina Beach Markets had a bumpy start as we cancelled our very first market due to inclement weather. However our first event in December 2015 was a success. The market has now been running on a monthly basis since then.

Thank you for reading and sharing my journey.

Ricky Simoes

Event Organizer

Umbala Events PTY LTD

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