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My Story


The story began in 2015, when I felt inspired to create my own business and had the goal to become self employed. Initially it started off with importing Fairtrade products from South Africa and that inspired the name. Umbala means colour in Zulu and pays homage to the country I was born in. At first we were trading at markets and I fell in love with the atmosphere. There is a specific kind of energy at a market that feels welcoming and inspiring. A market is the one true place that the community can support small local businesses and I love that!

My love for markets inspired me to create a new market on the Central Coast and I thought the park at Umina Beach was the perfect location. Once I was inspired by the location, I spent time and energy researching all things markets. For the next few months I worked hard on getting stall holder contacts, working with the council and building a repour with the general community. Finally on November 15th 2015 Umina Beach Markets was about to have it's debut with 65 stall holders. Unfortunately the weather was not on our side and the event had to be cancelled. It was devastating, however we finally had our very first market on the 13th of December 2015 and the market was a great success. The community at Umina were hungry for a local market in the area and their support was incredible.

Umina Beach Markets continues to grow and develop through the years and the community continue to support the market and the stall holders. 

The market branch continued to expand and we saw the growth of Woy Woy Waterfront markets. A market dedicated to the creatives of the coast. This market is located in a beautiful location and has a peaceful energy about it. We love our boutique market.

Umbala Events also created other events through the years and the most successful being Alive Plant Based Festival in Gosford. This event was the very first vegan festival on the Central Coast and it's debut had an overwhelming amount of support. It was a great experience to organize such an event, however I knew when it was time to let go. I'm proud of it's creation and happy to have passed it on to another organization to continue it's growth

Umbala Events is always evolving and continually growing. Thank you for reading this story and thank you for the support.

Ricky Simoes

Mail:  info@umbalaEvents.com



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