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Welcome to an offshoot of Umbala Events PTY LTD.

This is Ricky, I was inspired to create my own YouTube channel. The desire to create the channel has been calling me for a long time, however I could never figure out what to create on such a platform.

In mid 2021 it finally came to me and it all became clear. My true passion has always been food & cooking. Even when I was first thinking of starting my own business, the initial idea was food related. At the time I did all the research and thought of all the logistics, however working full time made it challenging to create a food related business.... ohhh and my dogs at home.... that's a health and safety

My business inspiration took me in a different directing and it all worked out in the end, however I have always had that desire to work with food. YouTube has been a great source & opportunity to satisfy my hunger... pun intended.

The channel has been a great learning experience and has given me a confidence that was not there before. At the begging watching myself and hearing myself was excruciating, but in time I got used to it. I can now watch myself with out harsh judgement.

My recipes will range from easy meals to complex ones. There is a strong theme in Portuguese and South African dishes, but I also experiment with other genres. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals will be showcased. 

In time, I plan on showcasing some of the stall holders products in my recipes. Hopefully this can provide some ideas on how to use the products available at the market.

Anyways... thank you for reading this far. Feel free to subscribe to my channel and see how it all develops. Links are available on this page.

Kind Regards

Ricky Simoes